Meany Middle School

Middle School

Meany ROAR

Meany R.O.A.R.

ROAR Wall Art


  • Being polite and kind to students, staff, and others
  • Treating the hallways, building, and everyone’s property with care.
  • Respecting ourselves and others by keeping my hands to myself, listening, speaking up, and contributing positively.


  • Admitting when I am wrong and learning from my mistakes.
  • Making choices that help make a safe and inclusive community.
  • Being an active participant in our learning community to ensure a positive future for all.


  • Making myself and my family proud by following the rules.
  • Trying my best (even after experiencing failure).
  • Recognizing what others do for me and showing appreciation for others.

Responsible and Ready

  • Being on time and in my assigned seat at the start of class and school
  • Remembering my supplies every day and having my assignments completed on time.
  • Coming ready to actively participate and put in my best effort to learning and trying new things.