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    Scholars are encouraged to talk to their counselor about a class, when in trouble, or if they need to talk. Counselors can help with schedule changes, arrange conferences and work with your teachers and parents/guardians to make it a successful year for you.  If you want to talk to your counselor, do so during lunch, or stop by before school or after school. You may also write a note and put it in your counselor's mailbox.



    Your grade-level administrator is here to support you and your learning in any way that is needed.  The administrator and counselor work closely together to serve you.  If you are having any type of a conflict or need extra support with someone at school or home, please let your grade-level administrator know.  Similar to the counselors, you can talk with your grade-level administrator before or after school, during passing times, during lunch or by putting a note in your administrator’s mailbox in the main office.



    All injuries should be reported to the nurse or teacher. You may go to the nurse's office if you have a pass from your teacher. If you need to go home, the nurse will call your parent or guardian.  Our nurse will also help with any medication or special need issues. 



    The Library Media Center is like the heart of the school pumping information to every corner. It contains much of the information you will need to complete your assignments. The school librarian will help you select print and electronic resources. Computers are available for scholar use. Library books have a due date.  Please be responsible and return books on time so others may use them. Lost books will be assessed a lost fine. Individuals coming to the library must have a blue pass, letting the librarian know that teachers know where scholars are during each period.



    Please handle your books responsibly. Should your books be damaged or lost, scholars will need to make arrangements with their teacher or the librarian to resolve the matter. 



    Backpacks are not allowed in classrooms at Meany Middle School.  Because of this policy, as a convenience and as a way to minimize the weight of backpacks, our scholars will be issued a locker.  Using a locker is a privilege that can be taken away if the following policies for locker use are not followed:

    • Lockers can only be used during specific times.The allowed times include: 1) Before school 2) Before and after lunch 3) After school. The only exceptions to these times apply to scholars enrolled in music classes, do be determined by the music teacher(s).
    • Do not share your combination with anyone else.Please make sure that you properly close the lock.
    • Scholars are responsible for the contents in the locker issued to them.
    • Lockers remain the property of the school and can be searched at any time.
    • Scholars are responsible for keeping their lockers organized.


    LOST and FOUND

    Any lost items will be placed in the Lost and Found. Items such as keys or phones will be in the main office.  Please check periodically with the office to claim your belongings. Unclaimed items are donated to charity every three weeks.  Please write your name on items which will make it easier to be returned to you.



    Bus Transportation: Scholars who ride school buses are responsible for knowing and obeying the bus rules. Rules are mailed home at the beginning of the school year and are also available from the driver. The driver is in full charge of the bus and the scholars on the bus. Scholars should obey the driver's directions promptly and willingly. Most disciplinary issues will be handled by the school administration in collaboration with the Transportation Department. Scholars will be held responsible for repair costs of any damage they cause. Riding the bus is a privilege that will be revoked if behavior continues to be inappropriate. In case of snow, check the school district website or watch any local television newscast for information regarding possible closure or use of snow routes.

    Yellow Bus Cards: Scholars wishing to ride a different bus to or from school must have written permission from a parent/guardian to obtain a yellow bus card. If the scholar is going home with a friend on the bus and needs a green bus card, the scholar must also have written permission from the parent/guardian of the friend. The written permission must be turned into the main office before school or at lunchtime the day permission is sought. The yellow card must be given to the bus driver.

    Walkers/Parent/Guardian drop-off or pick-up:

    Scholars walking to school should use cross-walks and follow other safety precautions.  Parent or guardian dropping off or picking up a scholar should do so on East Republican Street.



    All visitors must report to the Main Office before going anywhere on the school campus. Visitor passes may be obtained in the Main Office and must be worn throughout the building and they must be approved by an administrator. Scholars are not permitted to have visitors during the school day. Parents/Guardians are always welcome to visit school with an appointment. If a parent/guardian wishes to have a conference with a teacher, contact the teacher or grade-level counselor for an appointment.



    We request that scholars not ask to use the office phone because they are needed for school business.  The Attendance Office phone is available for scholar use after school, if needed.