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    State law holds staff directly accountable and liable for scholar supervision. Therefore, all Meany Middle School staff is responsible for supervising scholars, not just the classroom teachers. It is required that you listen to any Meany Middle School adult in the building and follow his/her instructions. You must treat all adults with respect, stop when they ask you to stop, and give your name if asked.



    Scholars must have a hall pass if they are traveling anywhere during class time. White "Request to Report" passes should be used by adults to request a scholar from another class. A teacher sending a scholar to another location should use the blue pass. Blue hall passes must include the sending teacher’s initials and time, as well as the receiving teacher’s initials (if applicable) and time of return.  Teachers will monitor the use of passes by scholars and they will report any concerns to administration.  Scholars need to use their time before school, at lunch and during passing periods for bathroom breaks and drinking water.  Upon returning to class, scholars will return the pass to the teacher. To see the nurse or counselor, you must have a pass from your teacher. Teachers are requested by administrators to issue passes sparingly—no scholar requests to leave the classroom should be granted the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of a class unless it is an emergency.  



    Meany Middle School has scholars passing at different times, so you must be aware that you need to transition quietly so as not to disturb scholars in class. Scholars are allowed to talk quietly with their friends, but certain rules should be enforced. All scholars are expected to:

    • Use quiet voices in the building.
    • Always walk on the right side.
    • Keep hands and feet to themselves.
    • Respect school property.
    • Obey all other expectations that apply to the movement of the scholar traffic in the hall.



    In order to ensure that our school is a safe and comfortable place for all scholars, fighting is absolutely forbidden. Scholars who are involved in fighting, or "play fighting," will receive the appropriate consequences, including suspension and/or expulsion from school. Play fighting will be treated as fighting. Please remember to always peacefully solve any issues that might arise. Scholars should use the resources we have at Meany Middle School, specifically, talking to any adult before any issue gets out of control.



    We are pleased to offer two nutritious meals daily; breakfast and lunch. Food and drink need to be consumed in the cafeteria unless specific permission is granted by a staff member.  While in the lunchroom, scholars should:

    • wait courteously in a single file line.
    • stay seated until they have finished eating.
    • raise their hands to be dismissed from their table in order to learn lunch room procedures.
    • take responsibility for cleaning off their table and floor area, and put all food compost, recycling and garbage into the correct bins.
    • be respectful of other scholars and adults.
    • talk and be social at a respectful voice level.
    • enter/exit through the designated doors.
    • avoid horseplay: keeping hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
    • stay in the lunchroom or in designated areas, unless a pass has been given ahead of time. No scholars should be in the halls during their lunch without a pass signed by an adult.
    • help clean the area regardless of who made the mess.



    Good assembly behavior begins before the assembly in the classroom where scholars are organized into an orderly group. It is important that each scholar follow these expectations for acceptable behavior.

    1. Follow the teacher in a quick and quiet line to the assembly. Often other classes are in session.
    2. Sit together as a class with the teacher and remain there unless given permission to leave.
    3. All talking ends when the individual introducing the assembly steps up to the microphone, whether that is a fellow scholar, a staff member, or a performer.
    4. Applause or other appropriate displays of appreciation for the performer are welcomed. All other noise (calling out, whistling, booing, etc.) is inappropriate and disrespectful to those on the stage.
    5. Any scholar behaving inappropriately or disregarding these audience expectations will be asked to sit/stand with their teacher. If the scholar refuses to adhere to adult directions she or he will be asked to leave the assembly.
    6. Be attentive and courteous to the performers, especially when they are fellow scholars. It takes courage to perform in front of an audience.
    7. Assemblies are explorations of learning. The purpose is to broaden our experience, not limit ourselves to what we already know and understand. Regardless if we enjoy the subject or not, we can show our good manners by listening courteously.



    We feel that scholars have the right to have personal friends, but their affection must be carried out in a respectful manner, so that their actions don't disrupt the learning environment. Each staff member is responsible for responding to inappropriate behaviors of couples. The expectations are as follows:

    • Scholars may give hugs, but no continuous holding.
    • Scholars may not kiss.
    • Scholars may not lie or sit on each other.
    • Scholars may not inappropriately touch another individual.


    Our goal at Meany Middle School is to have all scholars be comfortably dressed and be able to express themselves in a manner that does not disrupt, offend, or intimidate peers or adults.

    Inappropriate dress includes:

    • Clothing that advertises displays or suggests drugs, alcohol, sex, profanity, tag names, or gang affiliation.
    • Tops that expose stomach, and/or chest. Tank tops must be a minimum of two finger widths apart (i.e., spaghetti straps, midriffs, and tube tops are not allowed).
    • Shorts and skirts that are too short (should extend to mid-thigh or beyond).
    • All pants worn below the waist/hips (i.e. no sagging).
    • Leggings/tights worn as pants without providing covering above mid-thigh
    • Wearing sunglasses in the building.
    • Not wearing shoes at any time. 

    If scholars wear inappropriate attire, they will be asked to change or call home to have appropriate clothing brought to them. We ask for scholar cooperation in dressing appropriately for school. Please note that the school administration is the final authority in determining the appropriateness of dress. 


    Appropriate foot wear in PE is required. The teachers will distribute to you a handout on appropriate Physical Education attire.


    The school accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen non-school items. Non-school items should be left at home.  Non-school items include:

    • Cell phones
    • Permanent Markers
    • Toys
    • Skates or roller blades
    • Music players (iPods, etc.)
    • Headphones (Beats, ear buds etc.)
    • Electronic games (Gameboy, PSP, etc.)
    • Cameras
    • Other electronic devices
    • Sports equipment should stay in lockers



    For safety reasons, scholars are not allowed to ride skateboards, scooters, or bicycles on school grounds.  If used on school grounds, they will be confiscated.  Skateboards and scooters need to remain in lockers or with an adult until the end of the day.  Bicycles should be locked at the bike rack and helmets are required to be worn to and from school.


    Washington State law prohibits any use of tobacco on school property.  Scholars violating this policy are subject to progressive disciplinary consequences including confiscation of tobacco products (this includes e-cigarettes) and possible suspension.  If a scholar appears at school or any school-related activity demonstrating behavior that indicates that he/she might be under the influence of drugs/alcohol or admits to school authorities that he/she is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, his/her parents will be notified and the appropriate consequences will be assigned.



    Possession of weapons of any nature is illegal on school property and is grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion.  Flammables, lighters, laser pens or explosives of any kind will be confiscated and scholars will be subject to disciplinary action.  Dangerous weapons include, but are not restricted to the following: slingshot, daggers/knives, gas pen/pencils, razor blades or similar items, ammunition, fireworks, sparklers, firearms, pepper spray, mace, or other dangerous weapons.  In addition, both objects that can be used to inflict serious bodily injuries when used with intent to harm or used to intimidate someone, and/or toys that appear to be firearms will be treated as weapons.  Possession or use of such items is “exceptional misconduct” warranting suspension or expulsion for the first offense; expulsion is the normal sanction, and suspension is to be utilized only in those relatively rare cases in which strong mitigating circumstances, as defined in District procedures, are present.  SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS has a POLICY of NO TOLERANCE for WEAPONS.            



    Scholars are required by law to remain on Meany Middle School grounds from the time they arrive at school until dismissal time.  All scholars are required to leave campus by 4:00pm, unless they are participating in a staff-supervised activity such as After School Activities or are in the library.