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    Assistant Principal Patricia RangelHello Meany Community!

    My name is Patricia J. Rangel. I am honored to be the Assistant Principal at Meany Middle School and look forward to meeting and working with all of you. Ms. Oatis and I, along with our staff, are confident that with your support, we will build a community capable of delivering both a nurturing and enriching experience for our students during these critical middle school years. It is a great privilege to be part of this groundbreaking team and to contribute to the school’s educational vision. I am excited because I know Meany will benefit young people and our community for years to come.

    Over the course of my life, my career in education has taken on many roles: an instructional leader, an advocate, a community organizer, a counselor, and a disciplinarian helping guide good choices. In addition I have always been an artist who approaches any task as an opportunity to create and build for the benefit of community. Meany is this incredible opportunity to meld the educator and the artist. My four years as an Assistant Principal in Seattle Public Schools and my seventeen years prior to that in various educational institutions, domestically and internationally, has prepared me to contribute to the lives of students, families and colleagues who will bring Meany back to life and mark it as a place that forms young people to contribute to and excel in our ever changing society.

    I am fortunate enough to be the child of Colombian immigrants who, despite their own limited opportunities, emphasized and made sacrifices to ensure education was paramount in our household. Their message was not lost. Upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame, my twenty-one year career in education began. It has led me to Birmingham, Alabama, Australia and East Timor and for the last fourteen years, Seattle, the place I call home. During that time, I taught everything from preschool to graduate school. My diverse experience in both location and grade level has afforded me a sophisticated and global perspective on education.

    With that said, I have concluded that amongst all the ages I have worked with, the middle school years, without a doubt, play the most transformative role in a young person’s life. For it is during those years that students determine their sense of identity and learn how to place themselves on a successful pathway toward high school and beyond. I do believe it takes a village to raise children. I am so pleased to now be a part of your village and for you to be a part of mine. Collectively, we can help every child in the discovery of their gifts and the development of the courage it takes to grow, thereby guiding them to their own path toward success.