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    Hello! My name is Chanda E. Oatis and I am the proud Principal of Meany Middle School. I have held several roles in the Seattle School District; student, teacher, parent, house administrator, assistant principal, interim principal and principal. As a school leader, I strive to build authentic relationships with students, families and other educators, as we excel in our educational goals.

    Principal Chanda OatisI have had the privilege and responsibility to teach and lead the development of the academic minds of the next generation and future society. Our society is a reflection of how we were educated in schools. As a leader, I have always been clear about our important charge. We are charged with creating educational opportunities that allow for all children to feel intelligent, valued, challenged and socially and emotionally supported every day. We are the students, the parents, the staff and the community. We will accomplish this by working collaboratively to ensure that all learning opportunities are inclusive and differentiated for our diverse learners, having high expectations for all, and planning engaging and culturally-relevant instruction that is data-driven with clear goals and outcomes.

    Chanda and her younger daughter on a swingDuring the past eleven years, I have been preparing myself to be the instructional leader of Meany Middle School. I have had the privilege and opportunity to serve as the leader of two Seattle Public Schools elementary schools. Prior to that, I served as an instructional leader at a SPS middle school. Five years ago, when I was called upon to step into the role as an elementary school leader, I was honored and proud to be selected. I felt prepared to elevate to the next level of leadership in the district because my time spent at the middle school was purposely designed to prepare me to be a transformative leader. I really valued the experience of getting to know the elementary level in a more intimate way. Throughout my time in elementary school, my heart called out for the opportunity to serve at a secondary level again as a principal. I view myself as a life-long learner and I am looking forward to molding the leadership learnings I have developed at the elementary school and middle school levels to ensure that Meany Middle School is a gap eliminating, successful school where all students thrive and excel on the path to future college graduation.

    Chanda and her daughter wearing a graduation cap and gownI have been a proud employee of the Seattle Public Schools for many years. I am a believer in this district. I started my personal educational career at Graham Hill Elementary School and graduated from Ingraham High School. I am very proud to say that my oldest daughter started her career at Leschi Elementary School and graduated from Garfield High School. She is now a junior at Hampton University. My second daughter is three and we are excited about the opportunities that this district offers us for her PreK-12 education. And, if you have met me or seen me lately you probably know that I am expecting a child.  My third daughter will be joining the family in May and we are excited to watch her educational journey as well.  My passion as a parent additionally connects me to the importance of the parent voice and being a parent specifically in this community. With my leadership experience at a diverse, comprehensive middle school and my success with two different communities at the elementary level, this position will give me an opportunity to combine my skills and share my leadership again in a middle level school.

    I believe that with a collaborative, passionate, team effort we will continue to follow the pathway to transformation and reach academic excellence for each and every student at Meany Middle School!